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Our Programs

One World Foundation currently works in the Washington, DC metropolitan area in our time-bound attempts to deliver sustainable solutions to our extremely vulnerable citizens in this part of the Country, and emergency responses to three of the poorest countries in the world – Guinea, Cameroon and Haiti. The Foundation expects to expand programs and services to other parts of the world when need arises.

National Programs

At-Risk Youth Intervention
Ex-Offender Re-entry Program
Homeless Veterans

International Programs

One world Foundation not only works in the United States, We also help tackle underlying causes of poverty so that people  can become self-sufficient around the world.
Recognizing that women and children suffer disproportionately from poverty and diseases, we place special emphasis on creating the best public health education and resources for women head of households to create permanent social charge.


Current projects:

Guinea – Assisting with medical supplies for Danka and Ignasden Hospitals
Cameroon – Public health promotion and prevention
Support for Orphelinat Bon Samaritin, de Maissade, Haiti
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